MR industry changes last year: paper, CAPI, Mobile (RBDR 4.27.2015)

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Today on RBDR: Meaning Ltd.’s Annual Software, Technology & Methodology Market Research Trends Study has been released, with several industry changes of note.

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Tim Macer tells RBDR realities of technology on our MR (RBDR–6/5/2014)

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1) Schlesinger Associates and M/A/R/C Research launch and fund the Young Professionals Grant, which will allow 10 qualitative researchers, 35-years-old and younger, to attend the QRCA Annual Conference in New Orleans this fall.

2) The House of Representatives slashed the White House’s $1.211 billion request to fund the Census Bureau in 2015. Perhaps surprisingly, Democrats joined the GOP in redirecting nearly $250 million of that request for their own pet projects, which could leave the American Community Survey and testing for the 2020 Census short of its needs.

(Howard Feinberg’s fascinating, detailed analysis of this situation:

3) The research industry’s unquestioned technology expert, Tim Macer, joins RBDR for a conversation about the state of technology in MR.

Bob Lederer’s RBDR Commentary: Multiple Dilemmas for Client MRers, Part 1 (RBDR–12/10/2013)

Today: RBDR commentary on one of the most aggravating issues facing market research department and their vendors: understanding all the proper uses, potential uses and improper uses of all the tools and techniques now in every client research department’s tool box.

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