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January 10, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Companies and their brands are taking new Marketing Effectiveness measurement very seriously, and so too, are client research functions, which are being invited to assist in its implementation to optimize corporate use.

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Amazon the next industry entrant? mHealth imperfections. iWatch next week (PRVR 9/02 – 05/ 2014)

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On this PRVR: 1) Reports suggest that Amazon is about to join the ranks of Samsung, Google and Apple in the pharma and health care consumer fields. 2) MHealth tools are highly imperfect, according to a University of Texas study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. 3) Gartner says MHealth devices have reached their peak of hype and now need to escape a “trough of disillusionment.” 4) Beneufit, Inc.’s device for Parkinsons patients stands out in the field of MHealth. 5) Government health data needs to be put into context in order for consumers to reap the benefits of these data, advises Premier, Inc. in a letter to the Senate Finance Committee. 6) Apple’s iWatch will be introduced September 9.

MDs push mobile clinical apps; clinical apps to explode; Chris Bogan on Payer MR (PRVR–7/07/14)

This week on Pharma Research VIDEO Report: 1) Physicians have taken the next step with mobile health care devices, employing wearable tech to attempt to track patient progress and motivate activity. 2) Lux Research predicts a spike in clinical monitoring apps in the next 10 years that will make current personal mobile health care apps secondary in importance. 3) Best Practices LLC President & CEO Chris Bogan discusses his report, “Increasing Market Access Through Innovative Payer Market Research,” with a close look at why this research has become all consuming for pharmaceutical companies.

Free NP trial essential; Survey argument at Apple-Samsung trial (RBDR–4/23/2014)

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Today: 1) The Tribe marketing agency finds consumers’ growing interest in “try-it-before-you-buy-it.” 2) Apple’s second trial alleging Samsung patent infringement was dominated late last week by arguments over the meaning of an Apple expert witness’ survey. 3) This summer will mark an important milestone for mobile viewership measurement as comScore and Nielsen compete with the first options.

Google’s Smartwatch; Impact of young people on MR (RBDR–3/20/2014)

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Today: 1) Google is readying its smart watch, which requires the attention of app developers to provide popular and practical tools, including some enabling market research with its wearers. 2) WPP Chief Executive Sir Martin Sorrell told the MRS Annual Conference that young people will be a boon for market research. 3) TVB Chief Research & Analytics Officer Stacey Lynn Schulman speaks about some problems that research functions are having meeting the demands and expectations of entry-level researchers.