Unilever’s Stan Sthanunathan offers ‘Market Research 10 Commandments.’ (RBDR 03.21.2016)

Today on RBDR: Unilever SVP Consumer & Market Insights’ Stan Sthanunathan reprises his MRS presentation for the viewers of Research Business DAILY Report. Listen to his “Market Research 10 Commandments.”

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ONLY 11% of marketing decisions use data; Kantar’s Eric Salama joins RBDR (RBDR–4/7/2014)

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Today: 1) An August 2012 study says marketers make only 11% of their decisions using data, which is largely corroborated by 2014 research. There is bad and good in this shocking reality. 2) Kantar CEO Eric Salama discusses a handful of client-oriented research issues in the first of a two-party interview with RBDR’s Bob Lederer