Nielsen Sells MR Assets, Harris Poll to Stagwell Group | RBDR

January 25th, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Nielsen sells certain custom research assets and the Harris Poll to Stagwell Group.

2) Several unique research insights from Boston Consulting Group’s Nadia Morozova from her attendance at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference in London.

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In this week’s videos, watch President John Burshek’s very brief message for RBDR viewers about the upcoming webinar that points out why certain companies, particularly Amazon, have such successful customer centric programs. See it here.

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RN’s breakthrough US polling sample. Microsoft multipurpose DIY MR tool.(RBDR 7.27.2015)

Today: 1) A look at Research Now’s breakthrough sample for U.S. pollsters. 2) Microsoft has launched “Pulse for Market Research,” a grab bag of DIY tools and techniques specifically designed for the market research industry. 3) Survey-writing specialist David Harris concludes his comments about how industry survey-writing can happen.

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Temkin Group’s NPS test. Mkt exec 2015 hiring plans. Penn investment group. (RBDR 6.22.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Temkin Group’s study evaluates the power of Net Promoter Score. 2) Hiring plans for market researchers by marketing and advertising executives in the second half of 2015. 3) Need an investor for your research company or idea? As of September, look up Mark Penn and Stagwell Group, with $250 million ready to spend.

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Mark Penn’s Microsoft role includes competitive intelligence & analysis; Business Analysts receive new data merging analysis tool, called Paxata; Ipsos’ view of 2014 changes in market research industry; Lowe’s hires Chief Customer Officer (RBDR–3/6/2014)

Sponsored today and this week by Toluna (, bringing people and brands together in the world’s largest social voting community.

Today: 1) Seattle Times technology reporter Janet Tu sheds light on new Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer Mark Penn’s specific responsibilities. 2) You will be hearing a lot about Paxata, a brand new system that IN MINUTES combines different types of data that every business analyst needs to combine for analysis. 3) Ipsos reports its 2013 revenues and profits, and explains changes it sees for 2014 market research for vendors. 4) Lowe’s hires a Chief Customer Officer.

Expert tips on hiring top analytic talent; Surprising Super Bowl #1 commercial winner; PHEME: a system to identify & dispel social media rumors (RBDR–3/5/2014)

Sponsored today and this week by Toluna (, bringing people and brands together in the world’s largest social voting community.

Today: 1) Three MR industry experts blog about how to find and hire needed analytic talent. 2) Socratic Technologies releases results of its 2014 Super Bowl commercial study, which surprisingly found WeatherTech as the top performer. 3) Microsoft elevated Mark Penn to Chief Strategy Officer, but without specific public responsibilities. The Alliance for Audited Media hired its new CEO, President and Managing Director, Tom Drouillard. 4) Five European universities are cooperating to attempt to develop a system, funded by the EU, that can identify the source of a rumor in social media comes and whether it can be verified.