RFL & RBDR MR Exec of the Yr, Client MRer of Yr & Story of the Year (RBDR 1.4.2016)

Happy New Year, RBDR is back! Today, RBDR and parent company RFL Communications:

1) announce a new annual award, the Larry Gold Research Story of the Year,

2) name the 2015 Market Research Story of the Year,

3) name the 2015 Client Market Research Executive of the Year.

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Larry Gold honored posthumously. More Mervin Field details. Digital Mktg ROI (RBDR 6.15.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Former Inside Research editor and longtime professional market researcher Larry Gold will posthumously receive a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Market Research Council. 2) The New York Times’ obituary for Mervin Field is well worth reading and we have a link to it for you. 3) Marketing Evolution’s Rex Briggs explains why digital marketing ROI is difficult but eminently measurable.

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Larry Gold dies. Bill Harvey shares his ARF ’15 ReThink highlights. (RBDR 3 18 2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Larry Gold, for 25 years the Editor or Co-Editor of Inside Research, died last Friday. He was believed to be 80 years old. 2) Bill Harvey tells Bob Lederer which presentations at the ARF 2015 ReThink Conference made the most meaningful impressions on him.

Inside Research folds. ESOMAR: MR sales up 2.8%. Cos need Chief Mktg Technologist (RBDR 9/10/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Inside Research Editor Larry Gold has announced that the September 2014 issue, mailed Friday September 5, is the publication’s last. 2) ESOMAR releases its 2013 global MR revenue report. 3) Businesses are looking for and hiring marketers with IT understanding to fill the Chief Marketing Technologist role. 4) Another career market researcher is seeking to become Mayor in his town, Larry King Solomon in Union, OH.

TNS’ 48-hour concept evaluator; Honomichl Top 50 becomes “Gold Top 50” (RBDR–7/17/2014)

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Today: 1) TNS’ eValuate Express can reportedly assess the positive or cannibalizing impact of an innovation in as little as 48 hours. 2) Inside Research’s 36-year Honomichl Top 50 has a new
moniker, the Gold Top 50. 3) Facebook and Nielsen Media are expanding their TV viewing monitoring work, adding mobile phone and tablet TV viewing. 4) Strata’s study of individual’s attitudes towards video advertising found a pronounced difference of opinion about the intrusiveness of targeted advertising.