Qualtrics IPO Reveals Revenues, Meager Profits | RBDR

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October 25, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Qualtrics’ IPO filing reveals the financial history and standing of the 16-year-old “DIY experience software” business. On the RFL Global Top 50 Research Company list, it checked in as the 26th largest research entity in 2017.

It has struggled to make a profit, appears to have no particular spending area out of control and may need to adjust margins on its offerings. Find the full Qualtrics S-1 document by clicking here.

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IMS files for IPO; Answers.com buys Foresee; BrainJuicer “FeelMore50” ranks U.S. 2013 emotional ads (RBDR-1/6/2014)

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