Mobile marketing impact. SurveyMonkey talks figures. Flaws facing sampling firms. (RBDR 04.05.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Some facts about the impact marketers can gain if they focus on mobile marketing, from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Marketing.

2) SurveyMonkey has made it a point not to say much of anything outside of their press releases, but CEO Zander Lurie answered questions on Quora in great detail.

3) There are two major technical deficiencies facing all sampling companies, which InnovateMR co-founder Matt Dusig says must be resolved.

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ARF: Innovate, Google Glass; Mixed mode data MR is “garbage”(RBDR–3/25/2014)

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Today: 1) 2 early news tidbits from the ARF Annual Conference that RBDR will follow through on for details. 2) Keynote Systems’ survey of 1600 professionals shows that mobile developers’ availability of mobile testing tools is their biggest challenge. 3) Paul Richard McCullough’s Greenbook Blog column explains that something many researchers do, mixed mode research, is garbage.