Rounding Up 2016’s Final Weeks in Research | RBDR

January 3rd, 2017. Today on RBDR, we feature a handful of news items that broke during the closing week of 2016:

1) The death of Louis Harris, one of the true research legends of the 20th century.

2) Polling questions persist: what percentage of Latinos voted for Clinton, versus Trump? Two studies show wide discrepancies.

3) Nielsen and Foursquare are partnering to learn HOW consumer exposure to online advertising leads to purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Why Apple bought Topsy; Lightspeed & SPAR CEO hires; L’Oreal CMO Promotion (RBDR–12/04/2013)

Today: 1) Social media experts are scratching their heads, trying to make sense of Apple Computer’s purchase of Twitter partner Topsy. 2) RBDR News Notes: David Shanker (Lightspeed Research), Jill Blanchard (SPAR Group), Mark Speichert (L’Oreal), Penn Schoen Berland opens Middle East office, Transparency Market Research projects extent of Predictive Analytics market growth.

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Analysis of Nielsen’s acquisition of Harris Interactive; A Worthy Read: Vaughn Mordecai’s “7 Things I’m Thankful for about the MR Industry” (RBDR–12/2/2013)

Today: 1) RBDR’s analysis of the Nielsen Company proposed acquisition of Harris Interactive suggests rationales and potential next steps. 2) Discovery Research’s Vaughn Mordecai’s touching blog commentary about “7 Things I’m Thankful for about the Market Research Industry.”

Sponsored by Socratic Technologies (, whose proprietary tools and methodologies tackles marketing complexities so that you can make more confident business decisions.

Nielsen enters online panel biz––will acquire Harris Interactive; Multi-platform marketing realities; Howard Moskowitz on CBS Sunday Morning; New York Times replaces Nate Silver (RBDR-11/26/2013)

Today: Nielsen Company is entering the Online Panel business–It will acquire Harris Interactive for $117 million… 1) comScore’s “Marketing to Multi-Platform Majority” white paper delves into a new reality: marketers must understand the digital devices that consumers use to access content, and the percentage of content they gain rom desktop versus mobile devices. 2) Moskowitz Jacobs’ President, Howard Moskowitz, played a major role on CBS Sunday Morning’s feature about healthy versus junk food. The link to his segment: Move to the 4:09 mark for Howard’s entree to the story.
3) The New York Times has replaced Nate Silver and his column with a new team led by David Leonhardt.

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