Trump’s electoral support underestimated? Accuracy of Google Consumer Survey. (RBDR 05.09.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Every early poll, except one, show Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton trouncing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in this November’s presidential election in the United States. Are these polls underestimating Trump’s electoral support?

2) How accurate and reliable is a Google Consumer Survey? Kantar will conduct validity studies to prove GCS research is solid.

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Survata gains $6 mil funding. David Harris’ book on writing better surveys. (RBDR 7.22.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Survata, which entered the research market with a Google Consumer Survey-like research tool, earns a $6 million investment. 2) David Harris, for 25 years a senior pharmaceutical market research executive, is so disturbed by the state of survey questionnaire writing that he decided to write a book to help the profession get its act straight.

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Ipsos adopts GCS. Top CMO mistakes involve data. Yahoo new search algorithm. (RBDR 4.22.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Google Consumer Surveys adds an impressive new proponent and user, Ipsos. 2) Robert Bosch’s article on Marketing Magazine in the UK, “5 things CMOs can do to get fired” touches on 3 things that directly or indirectly relate to data and research. 3) Yahoo! Labs has developed an algorithm that purportedly can improve results from search campaigns.

Google Consumer Surveys branch out. 20 MRers you need to know (RBDR 10/28/2014)

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Today, on RBDR: 1) Fresh Intelligence Research Corp. introduces ValidateIt, the first third party DIY service using Google Consumer Surveys (A YouTube video, featuring Google Consumer Surveys’ Paul McDonald, explains Google’s support and co-creation, with Fresh Intelligence Research Corp., of ValidateIt, the first third party DIY service: Google Consumer Surveys’ Paul McDonald explains Google support and co-creation of ValidateIt:

2) Google also announced it is bolstering its Artificial Intelligence interests by hiring six experts and partnering with Oxford University.

3) Bob Lederer is cited as one of “20 Market Researchers to Know” for 2014 by Survey Magazine.

See pages 90-91 in this link:

GCS Smartphone study; Data based- & analytics-marketing forerunner dies (RBDR–1/07/2014)

Today: 1) Google Consumer Surveys unveils early results of comparative smartphone user study. 2) SourcingLine publishes a Directory of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Consultants. 3) Irving Siegel, whose company, Getting to Know You International, ushered us into the data-based marketing and analytic marketing age, died at age 82. 4) RBDR begins its 2014 “New Viewer” drive.

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