CASRO, MRA appeal to FCC re TCPA. “LUCID” to improve sample, its use. (RBDR 8.19.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) CASRO and MRA appeal to the FCC to change or lighten its TCPA regulations prohibiting use of automated dialers to mobile phones. 2) Federated Sample officially changes it company name today, to LUCID, and CEO Patrick Comer explains the more important implications of this change–the better, more complete software servicing that will be available to fit customers’ evolving sampling needs.

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Pollfish’s 30¢/survey mobile app offer; Efficient, centralized sample purchasing (RBDR–4/3/14)

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Today: 1) Pollfish offers surveying to mobile apps, paying 30¢ per survey (which it says is more than can be made from a mobile ad) and offering 3 ways to opt out of receiving surveys. 2) A survey of the fastest growing companies show a marked decline in the percentage of them paying attention to customer complaints on Twitter. 3) Guess what job opportunity is on India’s top 5 list? Yep, you’re right. 4) Federated Sample introduces Fulcrum Bid Manager, a centralized facility that simplifies and makes more efficient sample buying and selling for MR buyers and, importantly all sample sellers.

Stabilizing Sample Pricing explained; UK agency issues Analytic Challenges; Michalis Michael urges serious client insight execs to seek social media help (RBDR–1/16/2014)

Today: 1) Federated Sample CEO Patrick Comer explains the improving pricing in the sampling business.

2) The British Technology Strategy Board has issued innovation challenges requested by high-profile businesses (e.g., Simon Cowell, Penguin Random House publishing and the British film Institute).

3) DigitalMR Ltd.’s Michalis Michael encourages serious consumer insights executives to seek out expertise if they want to integrate social media with their traditional MR work.

Sponsored by Socratic Technologies (, whose proprietary tools and methodologies tackle marketing complexities so that you can make more confident business decisions.

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