China’s WeChat tests 1st ads. Mobile MR firm launches NP Alert Service (RBDR 2.10.2015)

Sponsored by Dapresy, which helps clients automate the deployment of InfoGraphics-based dashboards that clearly communicate complex data. To find out more about Dapresy: Better yet, check out Today on RBDR: 1) The Experian Data Quality study shows companies’ intense interest in insights driving their businesses, but apprehension about the state of their data […]

VOC: don’t ask questions, “actively listen;” Teens DO Like Facebook! (RBDR–4/21/2014)

Sponsored by Precision Opinion (, for phone, focus+ and online, the most trusted name in market research. Plus, now with a mobile research division. Find out about it: Today: 1) Market research needs to follow the advice the most consumers hear but don’t follow: become an active listener to tap into all the sources […]

Today is Data Privacy Day around the world; 2014: Will it be the Year of Data Analytics for marketers? Corporate Data Quality around the world is shockingly “poor,” says Experian Data Quality white paper (RBDR–1/28/14)

Today on RBDR, sponsored by KL Communications ( 1) On global Data Privacy Day, MRA releases its Top 10 U.S. government officials who are involved and committed to the cause of consumer privacy. 2) The State of Marketing Report from Salesforce and ExactTarget makes the case that 2014 could be The Year of Data Analytics […]

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