China’s WeChat tests 1st ads. Mobile MR firm launches NP Alert Service (RBDR 2.10.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) The Experian Data Quality study shows companies’ intense interest in insights driving their businesses, but apprehension about the state of their data quality. 2) China’s WeChat service, with 450 monthly users, has tested advertising for the first time–and it did not go over well with the members. 3) Instantly Product Watch is enlisting its mobile members to collect and report new product introductions in stores that most CPG companies do not detect until months after they first appear.

Facebook algorithm. CPGs queasy about their data/analytics. Introducing RELEVENTS. (RBDR 1.21.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) A joint University of Cambridge & Stanford University Facebook study has led to an algorithm that helps collect the personality traits of the social media’s users. 2) CPG companies are dedicated to the use of digital technology to improve their internal integration across the most important functions, however they have reservations about ho well it will go due to perceived unreliability of their internal data and analytics. 3) The inside scoop on the new Relevents organization and its radical new ideas about the shape, character, format and goals of research “confluences.”

SM assesses brand health. Sales predictor looks for commercial testers. (RBDR 9/5/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Under pressure to dramatically increase its number of users, Twitter revamps its new user signup procedure. 2) A new study shows that social media can match more expensive and time consuming brand trackers early on in assessing a brand’s health. 3) Blue Marble Enterprises is looking for CPG brands to use its Blue Horizon tool to predict sales, one, two or more years out, plus Customer Lifetime Value and Future Customer Brand Equity.