Problems With MR Reports From India, China | RBDR

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October 9, 2018. Today on RBDR:

MarketData LLC President John LaRosa explains, from experience, the queasy feeling many market research report buyers feel after they purchase a report from India or China.

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IBM commits $100M to China analytics; Rogers Comm’s MR re NHL (RBDR–7/10/14)

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Today on RBDR: 1) IBM is making a $100 million commitment to fund Big Data & Analytics training and expertise at100 Chinese universities, 30 undergraduate programs and 5 Centers of Excellence. 2) Rogers Communications’ summer 2014 marketing plan for its Sportchannel, which will carry National Hockey League games this fall, is built around a market research study into how fans relate to the NHL. 3) Will Leach, who just founded Triggerpoint Behavioral Research & Design, has an interesting point of view about how MR agencies need to evolve their deliverables.

MR: be brand-focused despite shiny toys; Mkters pressured for data; China’s WeChat (RBDR–5/21/2014)

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Today: 1) Mondelez Asia Pacific Director of Brand Strategy Michael Chadwick believes market researchers are allowing their attraction to new market research technology bells and whistles to distract them from the tools’ brand-building capabilities. 2) An MIT Sloan Management Review survey shows 60% of business professionals are under management pressure to become for data driven, and just under 30% have gained access to more data in the last year. 3) In China, the WeChat mobile service is making great research strides.

Enforcement of MRA’s new Code of MR Standards; NGMR & Explor Awards Presented at TMRE (RBDR–10/23/13)

Today: 1) A German neuroscience study concluded that Starbucks could charge more for its coffee. China’s state-run media charges that Starbucks is overcharging consumers. 2) MRA’s new Code of Market Research Standards has an enforcement mechanism, or does it? We’re waiting to hear. 3) Tuesday was awards day at The Market Research Event.

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