MR Opportunity: Develop Marketing C-Suite Metrics | RBDR

January 3, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Market researchers have been criticized for an inability to communicate with marketers in their own language, CMOs find themselves at a loss in delivering marketing metrics sought by the C-Suite. MR might be able to help marketing to bridge that metrics gap.

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Harvard Business Review points to crucial demands on CMOs; GfK 1st half financials (RBDR 8/14/2014)

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Today: 1) Harvard Business Review article points to crucial demands on Chief Marketing Officers, areas where market research can obviously help. Yet, the authors do not recommend including MR in the loop. 2) Forrester Research says CIOs do not have the trust and respect of marketing leaders as far as understanding customer life cycles or marketing technologies. 3) GfK’s first half of 2014 financial results are so beneath expectations that it says it won’t meet full-year 2014 business goals. 4) Associate Editor Travis Cornejo is leaving RBDR.

CMOs & Procurement not friends; Unilever Foundry attempts to fast-track (RBDR–5/29/2014)

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Today: 1) Italian technology company Taggalo is finalizing beta testing of its outdoor digital media measurement system, which it plans to launch in July. 2) CMOs are making friends with many important internal departments, but not procurement–to marketing’s detriment. 3) The Unilever Foundry is supposed to engage Unilever faster, easier and better with budding innovative marketing and media startups.

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