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March 6, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Any corporate social media campaign should be reinforced by enlisting the assistance of your employees. They have social media know-how and intense interest that should be applied in support of your corporate campaign. But its additional advantages go to their involvement in company affairs.

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CIA and social media. Right vs Real-time marketing. ESOMAR earns Webcast Award. (RBDR 05.02.2016)

Today on RBDR: 1) The Central Intelligence Agency has a venture capital firm that looks for soft robots that can collect and analyze social media for the secretive government organization. 2) The debate: the value of Right-Time Marketing versus Real-Time Marketing (Read the story by clicking here). 3) ESOMAR captures “Best Event Webcasting” award from the International & European Associations Conference.

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Big Data NOT MR’s enemy. Nikki Lavoie’s ESOMAR Review. (RBDR 9/15/2014)

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Today: 1) All the hullabaloo about Big Data does not mean its full-scale use threatens market research.’s Andrew Dalglish points to four things MR does not need to worry about from Big data. 2) MindSpark Lab Research International LLC’s Nikki Lavoie shares her impressions about the best presentations made at the 67th Annual ESOMAR Congress.

Don’t word track on Pinterest; CRM means what? Bill Harvey on 3 media MR issues (RBDR 8/4/2014)

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Today: 1) Why “tracking” keywords on Pinterest is a waste of time. 2) CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Or does it? Two researchers says it can also stand for “Company Recession Management” and they claim to have research that proves it. 3) Bill Harvey reviews 3 media research improvements that will take some time but are so worth it.