ARF’s “ads work” promise. P&G: 3rd parties needed for marketing innovation. (RBDR 02.24.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The ARF promises that its ReThink Conference in March will deliver the goods that clearly, scientifically demonstrate that advertising works.

2) Procter & Gamble makes it publicly clear that it is looking for third-party companies that can improve its marketing innovation and connectivity.

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Larry Gold dies. Bill Harvey shares his ARF ’15 ReThink highlights. (RBDR 3 18 2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Larry Gold, for 25 years the Editor or Co-Editor of Inside Research, died last Friday. He was believed to be 80 years old. 2) Bill Harvey tells Bob Lederer which presentations at the ARF 2015 ReThink Conference made the most meaningful impressions on him.

vitaTrackr: Let’s create data-enabled healthcare; IBM Watson battles cancer (PRVR–3/31/14)

This week on Pharma Research VIDEO Report:

1) Hats off to vitaTrackr, which has decided to take the lead by inviting key elements of the health care industry to join it in a collaboration to create the foundation for data-enabled health care. 2) IBM Watson is being assigned its most challenging task to date: helping to find medical cures for glioblastoma patients. 3) Pharma MR stalwart and proponent Charlotte Sibley speaks with Bob Lederer about how and why many pharmacos are missing the boat with Big Data. 4) The Ogilvy Awards handed out at the ARF ReThink Conference awarded 6 different health care-related organizations in a New York ceremony on March 25.