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September 20, 2022

Today on RBDR: According to a new Deloitte survey, Chief Marketing Officers are, statistically speaking, nearly more optimistic than ever about their relevance to companies. A continuing need for success is performance metrics and RBDR presents five tips for their development.

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Researchers Advised to Elevate “Smell” in Emotion MR | RBDR

August 9, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Understanding the influence of emotion has become an obsession for some. Apparently, the most important and influential element in emotion is “smell.”

2) Voice-activated search and devices are gaining increased importance on a startling scale, causing a shift in marketing and research to track those marketing changes. Find this original story by clicking here.

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Ad-blocking prevalence & cost. How IoT is fitting in already. (RBDR 8 12 2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) How costly is ad-blocking software to the marketing industry AND how prevalent is ad blocking. Some answers from PageFair and Adobe research. 2) Another growing data area is that emanating from the Internet of Things. There are indications of what IoT is already being used for in its very early days. 3) There are revealing statistics from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Touchpoints about the intense use of young people with their mobile phones. 4) 35-year market research veteran Michael A. Heft died at age 71.

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Corporate data woes; MRII’s Don Marek: industry healthy, welcomes change (RBDR–6/17/2014)

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Today: 1) Three independent studies, from Adobe, Charterhouse and AppNexus/WARC/IAB Europe, demonstrate issues with business’ use of their data. 2) MRII Executive Director Don Marek discusses how despite his 40 years in the industry he doesn’t believe it is changing any faster than in the past.

comScore negotiating for Arbitron cross-platform assets, Digital Marketing is working/not working (P&G says “Aye,” Adobe survey disagrees), Odd MR News (RBDR–9/25/13)

Today on RBDR: 1) comScore is negotiating with Nielsen to buy Arbitron technology
cross-platform assets. 2) How well is digital marketing working? Depends who you ask. An Adobe survey says there is still a huge learning curve; P&G says it’s working so well that digital marketing has become mainstream marketing. 3) Odd MR stories: The Wall Street trader who repeatedly (even on Election Day), aggressively bet that Mitt Romney would be elected president, plus the Houston Astro’s unbelievably low TV ratings (they couldn’t get lower).

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