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Pharma Research VIDEO Report, a co-partnered production with the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, is sponsored this week by the Toluna Healthcare Practice, offering highly engaged physicians, health professionals and ailment sufferers for global research using cutting-edge methodologies, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analytic tools and specialized products including Pharmacy Intercept, dedicated communities, patient record studies and more.

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1) CVS Health has 41 partnerships in place with health system partners to try to stem readmittance to hospitals by better understanding Rx complications.


2) The Sunshine Act’s Open Payment website revises its 2013 reported payment by pharmaceutical companies to MDs, adding $1.1 billion to the $3.5 billion initially reported.


3) Stanford University’s new Center for Medical Mobile Technology will capture measurable, meaningful wearable device data.


4) Schlesinger Associates’ Matt Campion speaks to PRVR about KOLs and their variable importance among pharmaceutical market research stakeholders.

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