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Pharma Research VIDEO Report, a co-partnered production with the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, is sponsored this week by the Toluna Healthcare Practice, offering highly engaged physicians, health professionals and ailment sufferers for global research using cutting-edge methodologies, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analytic tools and specialized products including Pharmacy Intercept, dedicated communities, patient record studies and more.

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On this PRVR: 1) Two separate studies call the FDA to task for its oversight of new medical devices. (

2) An MD explains what physicians would like to see from new smart watches that the Apple Watch does not offer. (

3) Psilos Group’s annual healthcare outlook recommends that healthcare insurers ditch their B2B model and focus on patients and providers. (

4) The pharma profession is noticeably slow in adopting mobile technologies despite the industry’s rabid interest and desire for them. (

5) Facebook is rumored to be developing two entries for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. (

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