Another Study Claims SM Advertising to be a Hoax | RBDR

June 7, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) An 18-month (and running) study from Good Growth Ltd. involving its clients states that investment in social media advertising shows ROI so poor that it is best described as a hoax.

2) TiVo won two preliminary patent infringement decisions against Comcast, Arris and Technicolor.

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The Most Requested Metrics for MR CMO’s, Corporate Marketers | RBDR

January 26th, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Revelations about the most requested metrics and KPIs delivered to CMOs and corporate marketers.

2) TiVo loses an important round in federal court in its lawsuit against Kantar.

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Media MR News from ARF ReThink with Bill Harvey (RBDR–3/27/2014)

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Today: Bob Lederer gets an insider’s media research news update at ARF’s Annual Conference from the esteemed Bill Harvey. Subjects include neuroscience’s major jump into prominence thanks to an endorsement from ARF, introduction of new CBS TV network research and the cross-platform link between TiVo and Symphony Advanced Media.

TiVo study of binge and videostream viewing; Good & Bad of marketing/predictive analytics with marketing research (RBDR–1/13/2014)

Today on RBDR…

1) Tivo decided to study the new television phenomenon known as “binge viewing,” and to delve into the relatively new streaming-video-viewing trend.

2) Marketing authority and Black Ink President Jeff Winsper speaks about the threat posed by and positive potential opportunities for MR offered by marketing/predictive analytics.

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