Nielsen metering mobile viewing; TAM gets India reprieve; Buffett buys Catalina (RBDR–3/10/2014)

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Today: 1) The Department of Defense is studying the body movements of Vladimir Putin, hoping to figure out what he is thinking and might do next. 2) Nielsen has changed its method of collecting mobile viewing data. 3) India’s TAM TV Ratings service received a judicial reprieve until July, meaning it won’t have to abide by new ownership guidelines, and apparently opening the way for a return to TV data reporting. 4) Second screen Twitter usage during the Oscar television show last weekend was impressive among female viewers. 5) Majority control of Catalina Marketing has been acquired by Berkshire Partners. 6) In the UK, the Market Research Society names a new President and the British Film Institute appoints a new Director of Marketing, Communications and Audiences.

India’s polling scandal; new Nielsen COO, Wells Fargo CDO; Katy Perry MR (RBDR–2/27/2014)

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Today: 1) India faces a polling scandal after hidden camera conversations with leading polling organizations shows 11 of 13 willing to tweak or mislead results. 2) TAM (Kantar and Nielsen) register to provide TV Ratings in India after the country’s High Court temporarily halts implementation of new TV Ratings business guidelines. 3) RBRDR News Notes: New Nielsen COO Brian West, Wells Fargo hires A. Charles Thomas to run its data operations and teenage-focused retailer Claire’s hires Katy Perry to develop a new jewelry line after extensive MR shows her to be a global “superstar.”

KL Communications CEO Kevin Lonnie’s shares his thoughts about gamification here:

New Intel processor faster, more robust, boosting MR capabilities; India TV ratings go dark–may stay so for foreseeable future; Canada makes $4m investment in poultry research; Confirmit MyMobile cops Customer of Year Award; Yahoo & Carnegie Mellon collaborate on smartphone development (RBDR–2/20/2014)

Today: 1) Intel introduces its newest, fastest, most robust data processor, which will expand research’s data handling–including volumes–capabilities and speed. 2) India’s TV and readership ratings go dark as the current TAM group (Kantar and Nielsen) seek to reverse new media research ownership guidelines. 3) Canada’s Agricultural Minister invests $4 million with Canadian Poultry Research Council to firm up the agribusiness sector. 4) Confirmit’s MYMobile app wins the TMC Customer 2014 of the Year Award. 5) Yahoo! Labs and Carnegie Mellon University researchers will collaborate in the next five years on smartphone app development and algorithms that can predict human behavior.

What will be the MR Impact from Wearable Technology? India’s complex TV ratings transfer from TAM (Kantar & Nielsen) to BARC & Mediametrie; Google appealing France’s privacy fine (RBDR–1/22/2014)

Today: 1) C+R SVP Bob Relihan examines wearable technology and how it might impact traditional market research.

2) India is preparing to undergo a change of TV rating meter services, but guidelines instituted behind this change may wreak havoc this year.

3) Google will appeal the France CNIL 150,000 Euro fine for ignoring privacy guidelines.

Decision Analyst President & CEO Jerry Thomas has a new thought piece about Brand Strategy and where we go with it going forward. Read it by clicking on this link:

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