Pollfish offers 300 million mobile network users. The duration of an effective online ad. (RBDR 10.18.2016)

Today on RBDR:
1) Pollfish offers 300 million people in its mobile network  and its three special benefits. Read this original story by clicking here.
2) Contrary to what the Media Research Council has declared is necessary to for an online ad to be “viewable,” three research companies have a project that says an entire web ad needs to be on screen for at least 14 seconds. You can also find this story by clicking this link.

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Instagram’s amazing engagement going away; static ads best flashy ads (RBDR–5/6/2014)

Tuesday May 6 on RBDR, sponsored by Toluna (http://www.toluna-group.com), bringing people and brands together to improve decision making via the world’s largest social voting community.

1) Forrester Research says its study shows Instagram’s amazing user engagement, but states that is about to be watered down based on what it has been told about Facebook plans. 2) Can you believe that static advertising outperforms flashy, animated advertising? See and hear what Sticky discovered on behalf of Adblock Plus that led to this conclusion.

Med cost up 3-5%; pharmacos cut MD speaker fees; FDA eases adverse event reporting (PRVR–3/10/14)

This week’s Pharma Research VIDEO Report: 1) Costs for medications will rise 3-5% this year, after having dramatically slowed in recent years. 2) Pharmaceutical companies have radically reduced what they pay doctors to speak, well at least many of them have. 3) Generic drug manufacturers will fight FDA proposals that they be required to update their product labels when new information with concerns about branded equivalents appear. 4) FDA will make availability of adverse event reports much easier to find and collect. 5) Health care providers say the Affordable Care Act needs changes and revisions, but overwhelmingly see it as a positive step for U.S. healthcare. 6) The multimillion dollar injectable drug market for chronic conditions like diabetes may be in or a shakeup if Mir Imran’s “Robotic Pill” gets FDA approval. It is in preclinical testing. 7) Media technology company Sticky wins the PM360 award for most innovative company. 8) A press release last week declared the first broadcast medical marijuana commercial. The release pointed to Comcast as the broadcaster. Since the taping of this video, PRVR has learned that this release was part of a misleading campaign. We apologize for this mistaken report.

Here is the link to the commercial:

Ipsos repeats that MR continues to miss business opportunities; Sticky wins Next Wave Award (RBDR–10/29/2013)

Today: 1) Ipsos reported its Q3 results and revised its perceptions of the world in which MR is operating and of the MR industry itself. 2) iMedia Connection’s “Next Wave Award” voted on by leading brand and agencies executives selected Sticky for 2013.

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