Solutions for 2 Vexing Customer Marketing Problems | RBDR

June 8, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Enabling marketers to build a single customer view from varied data sources (channels, website visitors, mobile apps, call centers) has no solution yet, however, data-management platforms (DMPs) seem viable. So says Omar Janabi of Mapp Digital.

2) details a Forrester Research study that positions online communities as a crucial strategy for marketers who are troubled in connecting with customers at the right time and in the right channel.

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Mkters drift to 1st party data. Enhancing female empowerment. (RBDR 7.16.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Study reports that the most successful data-driven marketers are increasingly relying on first party data. [Link to story: 2) Professor Andrea Lodi is coming to École Polytechnique de Montréal and receiving $22 million to invest over the next decade to solve Big Data and converting it into knowledge for organizations, companies and people. 3) Ipsos OTX CEO Shelley Zalis launches TFQ Ventures to expand women’s empowerment in their professional careers.

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Why online bests telephone polling. EU: get off Facebook for privacy. (RBDR 3.30.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) A Signal survey says that 360º view of customers is the priority of 90% of marketers, yet only 6% of them say they have that information.  2) Canada’s top pollster of all time, Angus Reid, shares his data that compares telephone polling with online polling.  3) RBDR News Notes: The EU warns its citizens that having personal privacy from U.S. security services means getting off of Facebook. And the Heinz takeover of Kraft this June is expected by serious observers to lead of severe cuts in marketing