Nielsen metering mobile viewing; TAM gets India reprieve; Buffett buys Catalina (RBDR–3/10/2014)

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Today: 1) The Department of Defense is studying the body movements of Vladimir Putin, hoping to figure out what he is thinking and might do next. 2) Nielsen has changed its method of collecting mobile viewing data. 3) India’s TAM TV Ratings service received a judicial reprieve until July, meaning it won’t have to abide by new ownership guidelines, and apparently opening the way for a return to TV data reporting. 4) Second screen Twitter usage during the Oscar television show last weekend was impressive among female viewers. 5) Majority control of Catalina Marketing has been acquired by Berkshire Partners. 6) In the UK, the Market Research Society names a new President and the British Film Institute appoints a new Director of Marketing, Communications and Audiences.

RBDR celebrates our 2nd Anniversary; Media guru Bill Harvey discusses the impact of Second Screen & what TV networks are doing about it (RBDR–2/6/2014)

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Today: 1 Research Business DAILY Report celebrates its second anniversary and invites viewers to join in on the celebration! You can win a special gift with a great blog post underneath our video and also by emailing a terrific suggestion about how RBDR can grow its viewership. 2) India’s Labor Department comments on the plentiful Market Research Analyst jobs that are available, and projects 41% growth in the segment into 2020. 3) Media Research guru Bill Harvey shares his keen insights into what is taking place with Second Screen activities among TV networks.
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An explanation why 70% of marketers failed in 2013; Second Screen participation (with TV) is at 42%–and rapidly expanding; WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell says opt-out no longer works for data collectors (RBDR–1/29/2014)

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1) A Fournaise Marketing Group’ study says 70% of all marketers failed to meet their business goals in 2013.
2) Second Screeners (already 42% of consumers) say it strengthens their connection with TV programs they like to watch.
3) Millward Brown is predicting that multi-screen usage will become a dominant factor in 2014.
4) WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell says data collectors need to do away with opt-out and that businesses need to educate consumers about the benefits of Big Data.
5) Nielsen, in line with its FTC agreement allowing the acquisition of Arbitron, contracts with comScore to tap into —-Arbitron PPM TV and radio data.


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