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June 3, 2020

Today on RBDR: Rubinson Partners President Joel Rubinson is observant, sharp and focused on marketing and marketing research to the point that he is calling for detailed changes in both of them and marketing analytics.

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Slow Research Growth? Check Your Relevance | RBDR

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October 30, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Joel Rubinson devoted a blog to a pervasive problem he believes exists within the market research industry: slow growth. Rubinson explains in today’s RBDR why he believes slow growth equals loss of relevancy.

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Programmatic: another research advance MR is ignoring (RBDR 2.9.2015)

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Today on RBDR: Bill Harvey, President of Bill Harvey Consulting, and Joel Rubinson, President of Rubinson Partners, discuss the emergence of Programmatic Advertising, its impact on media research capabilities and why it is important to market researchers.

Study shows social can add to brand research (RBDR 1.19.2015)

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Today on RBDR: We interview the three key developers of a research study that demonstrated that social data is also quantitative and predictive, on top of what everyone accepts as its qualitative nature: University of Maryland Professor of Marketing Wendy Moe, Converseon CEO Rob Key and Rubinson Partners President Joel Rubinson.

Social media finds MR niche? RBDR’s 1st Client of the Year awarded (RBDR 12.1.2014)

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On today’s RBDR: 1) Has social media finally earned research reliance? University of Maryland Professor Wendy Moe’s new paper is the evidence Rubinson Partners’ Joel Rubinson says he needs to say, Yes. 2) RBDR announces a new series of annual Client of the Year Awards for nearly 20 different research categories. Today, the first award is announced for the client making best use of Text Analytics.