Clustering Twitter Users into Demo-definable Groups | RBDR

July 19, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Penn State researchers are studying how to make demographic sense of Twitter users in groups so that these can be sliced and iced demographically.

2) MarketResearchCareer’s annual supplier study is out and we zero in on the choices of 3,200 respondents in Thought Leadership, Unique Methodologies, and Quality Deliverables among full-service agencies, qualitative agencies, syndicated providers, online sample and online survey software.

This week’s RBDR is sponsored by the industry expertise of Socratic Technologies. You can take advantage of Socratic’s work that has led to developed insights in varied areas of research. Chairman Bill MacElroy has recently prepared papers for the Market Research Institute International on topics, including “engagement gamification” at no cost.

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60%+ opt-in to be location tracked; Penetrating “Upset Customer” Infographic (RBDR–6/11/14)

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Today: 1) AMA announces its 2014 Parlin MR award winner and MRA bestows its Impact Award. 2) Individuals may prize their privacy but a study shows over 60% are opting-in to allow an app to locate them. 3) Vision Critical President & Chief Product Officer Andrew Reid presents an Infographic that details why companies can not afford unhappy customers. See it for yourself at

Apple’s medical tech hiring spree; Treato breaking thru in social media MR (PRVR– May 12-16, 2014)

This week on Pharma Research VIDEO Report:  1)  Penn State graduate students found most top-50 health and fitness apps (paid and free) on iTunes and Google Play lack valuable behavior-change techniques  2) Reuters reported on Apple’s recent medical tech hiring spree, presumably for its upcoming iWatch  3) Israeli social media data collector and analyzer company Treato is spotlighted as the top business in the field for pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and medical device customers.