Polling’s Second Great Transition Is Underway| RBDR

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March 4, 2019

Today on RBDR: Pew Research announced last week that the second great mode shift of polling’s relatively short existence is taking place, a monumental, fundamental change in the way its polling work will be conducted.

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Google markets polling for US elections. Can algorithms change voting preferences? (RBDR 04.12.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Google has been earnestly working to market its online polling capabilities to presidential and congressional candidates, as well as major media outlets.

2) A psychologist, Robert Epstein, is pushing his belief that Google algorithms can create searches that manipulate election preference for particular candidates.

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Why online bests telephone polling. EU: get off Facebook for privacy. (RBDR 3.30.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) A Signal survey says that 360º view of customers is the priority of 90% of marketers, yet only 6% of them say they have that information.  2) Canada’s top pollster of all time, Angus Reid, shares his data that compares telephone polling with online polling.  3) RBDR News Notes: The EU warns its citizens that having personal privacy from U.S. security services means getting off of Facebook. And the Heinz takeover of Kraft this June is expected by serious observers to lead of severe cuts in marketing

Pollster’s 3-methodology test; Neuroscience potentials/realities (RBDR–707/14)

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Today: 1) A pollster conducted three different polling methodologies days before an Ontario, Canada election, which generated three similar outcomes but different-enough results. 2) Neuroscience expert and research-knowledgeable Carl Marci, Chairman of Innerscope Research, discusses short- and long-term prospects.

Twitter tweets its IPO; Rentrak primed for takeover? GOP pollsters mull how to improve their work (RBDR–9/16/13)

Today: 1) Twitter tweeted about its filing with the SEC for an IPO. 2) Bloomberg News foresees a Rentrak sale to one of several larger media research companies. 3) GOP pollsters are reviewing their 2012 polling methods with an eye on making changes.

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