What to Do Re: Conscious & Subconscious MR Participant Veneers | RBDR

April 17, 2017. Today on RBDR:

What can and should be done by researchers to be certain that research participants are being fully honest about what they think. Dub’s John Whittle explained how to detect it and what to implement to get past a participant’s conscious or subconscious veneer.

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Decipher’s new white paper re-establishes mobile trends and insights; Clarifying capability differences between brand panels & online communities (RBDR–2/18/2014)

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Today: 1) Decipher’s latest mobile research white paper shows strengthening of existing mobile trends and the need to accommodate mobile survey screen sizing.
The link to the Decipher white paper: https://www.decipherinc.com/n/uploads/images/pages/Decipher_Mobile_Research_White_Paper_Update.pdf
2) Dub’s Kerry Hecht points out a problem she has discovered: some clients are confused about the difference between what a branded panel can do versus an online brand community.