Surprising MR collaboration in book MR. Ad blocking turns advertisers to mobile. (RBDR 10.28.2015)

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Today on RBDR:

1) Nielsen and GfK, two of the research industry’s monster companies, agree to collaborate for the benefit of their book businesses.

2) The onset of ad blockers has advertisers looking longingly and seriously at mobile, specifically trying to learn and implement a process that will build mobile engagement.

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FitBit dominates wearables. Online adv killing TV. Data as impt as product. (RBDR 9.11.2015)

Today on RBDR:

1) FitBit explains why it is dominating the wearables market so far, easily surpassing smart watches (even those from Apple).

2) A media research analyst projects the 12% annual growth rate for online advertising through 2020 is going to slowly kill TV.

3) Companies admit in a Capgemini & EMC study that they fear so much that the changing data landscape could leave their organization at a competitive disadvantage that they are taking extraordinary measures that break corporate data norms.


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What fewer P&G brands means to its CMK; IBM one of top in Big Data (RBDR 8/7/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) RBDR discusses the potential impact on P&G’s CMK research operations from the company’s 90-100 brand contraction.

2) IBM earns Forrester Research designations for prominence and excellence on two key Big Data elements.

3) Yahoo enlists comScore to improve measurement for advertising it hosts on varied websites. Meanwhile, comScore acquires MdotLabs to complement its NHT (Non-Human Traffic) number inflation Web fighting.

eBay study: search ads for large brands a waste; Samplecon review (RBDR–6/30/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) An eBay investigation concludes that for well-known brands, search advertising online is basically worthless. 2) Chuck Miller, founder and President of Digital Marketing & Measurement reviews Samplecon, staged late last week in New Orleans exclusively for businesses in the sample industry.

Google’s online ad focus; “Lurkers” on social media larger than realized (RBDR–5/8/2014)

Thursday May 8 on RBDR, sponsored by Toluna (, bringing people and brands together to improve decision making via the world’s largest social voting community.

1) Google buys Adometry, which analyzes as part of its ongoing attempt to learn more about online advertising so that it can boost rates and convince marketers to spend more. 2) NBCUniversal said last week it is convinced that social media is not yet a TV viewing influencer based on, among other things, the unimpressive 19% of Winter Olympic viewers who posted about it on social media. Now, a social media expert says the percentage of social media followers who do not post is ASTOUNDINGLY larger than anyone knows. 3) The Mobile Marketing Association elected Dunkin’ Brands President of Global Marketing & Innovation John Costello to Chairman of the Global Board to help with its marketing efforts.