Why Gallup is giving up in the election polling it created. (RBDR 10.12 .2015)

Today on RBDR:

RBDR Producer Bob Lederer reports on the decision by Gallup to discontinue its presidential primary polling — and perhaps its election polling — and offers some thoughts on what it means to business and the industry, plus unsaid reasons for the decision.

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Macromill-MetrixLab merger. BBC EVP Insights talks social media (RBDR 11.5.2014)

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On today’s RBDR, 1) Macromill and MetrixLab announce a merger that brings together $300 million in worldwide revenues and kicks off an ambitious four-point plan to make the merged business a game changer. 2) In part 1 of an interview on RBDR, BBC Worldwide EVP Insights David Boyle speaks about the value of social media research, today and in the future.

comScore negotiating for Arbitron cross-platform assets, Digital Marketing is working/not working (P&G says “Aye,” Adobe survey disagrees), Odd MR News (RBDR–9/25/13)

Today on RBDR: 1) comScore is negotiating with Nielsen to buy Arbitron technology
cross-platform assets. 2) How well is digital marketing working? Depends who you ask. An Adobe survey says there is still a huge learning curve; P&G says it’s working so well that digital marketing has become mainstream marketing. 3) Odd MR stories: The Wall Street trader who repeatedly (even on Election Day), aggressively bet that Mitt Romney would be elected president, plus the Houston Astro’s unbelievably low TV ratings (they couldn’t get lower).

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