Polling Failure Again… In Israel and Australia | RBDR

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May 30, 2019

Today on RBDR: Polling runs into more problems, first with exit polls in Israel n April, and with 16 distinct pre-election polls that all incorrectly predicted Australia’s election in May.

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Brooks gives up reins at Directions Research. 1st answers to UK polling issues. (RBDR 5.18.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Directions Research names a new President & CMO, Jim Lane, who takes over for founder Randy Brooks, President of the agency since its inception 27 years ago. 2) UK pollsters are digging into their data to try and discover what went wrong with their May 7th projections for the Parliamentary election. As they do, others are speculating what may have gone wrong.

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Client MR attitude, behavior re new MR tools has changed (RBDR–6/23/2014)

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Today: 1) RBDR congratulates Gayle Fuguitt on her election to the MRC Hall of Fame. 2) A review of the Innovation Insights Exchange conference in Atlanta last week from the vantage point of MR innovation adoption by client market research departments. 3) Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss left a number of pollsters unnerved about how pre-primary polling was so far off.