Andy Brown, Kantar: Time for Metrics Consistency | RBDR

May 17, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Forrester Research reveals the control that CMOs have over technology spending that is directly or indirectly related to research.

2) Kantar Media CEO & Chairman Andy Brown discussed the necessity for development of consistent media and advertising metrics, which do not presently exist.

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SurveyMonkey’s coup w/NBC News. Meaning of Rentrak-Kantar deal. (RBDR 10.14.2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) NBC News and SurveyMonkey begin a partnership that intends to improve online survey research based on proven polling methods and incorporation of evolving technologies. 2) Rentrak’s acquisition of Kantar Media’s U.S. business could fortify Rentrak’s position and capabilities in the domestic market but it is not seen as a threat to Nielsen’s TV data monopoly.

Nielsen metering mobile viewing; TAM gets India reprieve; Buffett buys Catalina (RBDR–3/10/2014)

Sponsored by Socratic Technologies (, whose proprietary tops and methodologies tackle marketing complexities so that you can make more confident business decisions.

Today: 1) The Department of Defense is studying the body movements of Vladimir Putin, hoping to figure out what he is thinking and might do next. 2) Nielsen has changed its method of collecting mobile viewing data. 3) India’s TAM TV Ratings service received a judicial reprieve until July, meaning it won’t have to abide by new ownership guidelines, and apparently opening the way for a return to TV data reporting. 4) Second screen Twitter usage during the Oscar television show last weekend was impressive among female viewers. 5) Majority control of Catalina Marketing has been acquired by Berkshire Partners. 6) In the UK, the Market Research Society names a new President and the British Film Institute appoints a new Director of Marketing, Communications and Audiences.