No Clear Solution, But Qualitative Recruiting Needs Fixing | RBDR

April 5, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) Six predictions about the hiring marketplace for data scientists and analytics personnel in 2017.

2) It’s unclear what needs to be done about a qualitative recruitment process that is deteriorating before our very eyes as potential participants walk away for research opportunities.

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3D Virtual Reality for MR Arrives at 2020 Research (RBDR 9.25.2014)

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Today on RBDR: 20/20 Research Chief Innovation Officer Isaac Rogers explains how its new 3D Virtual Reality research methodology will expand research users’ capabilities and how the tool will ride the crest of consumers’ 3D virtual reality interest boom.

Tale of Two Privacy Attitudes & Situations: OpinionLab Survey vs 2020 Research’s new “GeoStore Survey” of shoppers as they leave the store (RBDR–4/01/2014)

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Today: 1) OpinionLab’s survey of over 1,000 consumers shows 88% are unyielding about having privacy as they shop. 2) In the face of that statistic, consider 2020 Research’s new GeoStore Surveys that interact with consumers who have agreed to take a short survey even as they are leaving the store after they have shopped. Chief Innovation Officer Isaac Rogers explained what it is all about.