Changing Conditions Force MRers To Develop New Mindsets | RBDR

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June 6, 2019

Today on RBDR: In order to prolong an internal position for the market research function and to build on their contributions, 40-plus year researcher Larry Friedman says professionally-grounded market researchers have to develop a new research mindset in line with business’ vastly altered requirements.

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Surveys: move is on to mobile. New FB virtual reality center. (RBDR 01.26.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The incredible research transition underway from PC survey taking to mobile is documented by Lucid’s Patrick Comer.

2) Facebook is opening a Pittsburgh research center to bring to market its Oculus virtual reality platform, what some see as the next big thing in research technology and capability.

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Cambiar survey highlights MR developments. Facebook’s legal struggles with data. (RBDR 10.29.2015)

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Today on RBDR:

1) Cambiar’s 4th Annual Future of Research Survey tells some important things about the state of client research departments.

2) An overview of Facebook’s good and potentially bad legal experiences this week.

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Reasons piling up for a new MR look at data quality (RBDR 5.7.2015)

Today on RBDR: Is the research industry up for a new round of online data quality initiatives? Several executives have pointed out problems with data quality and Mary Beth Weber of Sigma Validation, on RBDR’s “2 Minutes With,” presents her case for a new effort.

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ARF: Innovate, Google Glass; Mixed mode data MR is “garbage”(RBDR–3/25/2014)

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Today: 1) 2 early news tidbits from the ARF Annual Conference that RBDR will follow through on for details. 2) Keynote Systems’ survey of 1600 professionals shows that mobile developers’ availability of mobile testing tools is their biggest challenge. 3) Paul Richard McCullough’s Greenbook Blog column explains that something many researchers do, mixed mode research, is garbage.