Research’s Role For Brands Benefiting From Covid / RBDR

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November 30, 2020

Today on RBDR: It makes sense for research to play a central role for brands that are thriving during the Coronavirus. It can point out changes in the sales environment caused by the virus and maintain some of the sales momentum for brands after the Coronavirus is brought under control.

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Macromill-MetrixLab merger. BBC EVP Insights talks social media (RBDR 11.5.2014)

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On today’s RBDR, 1) Macromill and MetrixLab announce a merger that brings together $300 million in worldwide revenues and kicks off an ambitious four-point plan to make the merged business a game changer. 2) In part 1 of an interview on RBDR, BBC Worldwide EVP Insights David Boyle speaks about the value of social media research, today and in the future.