Dunkin’s brand shakeup leads to more engagement. Appropriate app metrics. | RBDR

November 17th, 2016. Today on RBDR:

1) How Dunkin’ brand reworked its marketing to engage customers 1-to-1.

2) The advent and explosion of apps in the cross-device consumer market raises the issue of appropriate metrics.

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Google’s online ad focus; “Lurkers” on social media larger than realized (RBDR–5/8/2014)

Thursday May 8 on RBDR, sponsored by Toluna (http://www.toluna-group.com), bringing people and brands together to improve decision making via the world’s largest social voting community.

1) Google buys Adometry, which SeekingAlpha.com analyzes as part of its ongoing attempt to learn more about online advertising so that it can boost rates and convince marketers to spend more. 2) NBCUniversal said last week it is convinced that social media is not yet a TV viewing influencer based on, among other things, the unimpressive 19% of Winter Olympic viewers who posted about it on social media. Now, a social media expert says the percentage of social media followers who do not post is ASTOUNDINGLY larger than anyone knows. 3) The Mobile Marketing Association elected Dunkin’ Brands President of Global Marketing & Innovation John Costello to Chairman of the Global Board to help with its marketing efforts.