Today’s biggest data science issues. Facebook advertising’s battle to prove value. (RBDR 10.19.2016)

Today’s biggest data science issues. Facebook advertising’s battle to prove value. (RBDR 10.19.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Dstillery Chief Scientist Claudia Perlich points out the biggest issues of data science in businesses today: mostly its misunderstanding and management misappropriation, which leads to its misuse and waste.

2) Facebook advertising is fighting a daily battle to prove its value to all types of advertisers. A two-market test in India showed promise for this ad vehicle. Read this original story by clicking here.

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Making analytics a game changer; Improving online communities (RBDR 7/24/2014)

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Making news on RBDR today: 1) A study from a marketing technology and targeting firm reports surprising merits from use of mobile ad clicks. 2) Corporations are devoting intense time and financial commitment to analytics, according to many experts, however their ability to figure out how to generate valuable information from it is falling way short. 3) KL communications’ EVP Business Development Sean Holbert tells RBDR that online community work is unnecessarily stuck in conducting branded community activities.