Polling doesn’t help discourse? MR’s search to divide personal/respondent data. (RBDR 10.05.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) DePauw Professor Jeffrey McCall blogged his discomfort with polling because it does not serve the public interest and actually has been perverted to form public opinion. Read his post by clicking here. 2) Market researchers search for a solution to a issue they must re-confront: maintaining the separation between personal and […]

John Burshek on MR’s appeal to college students. (RBDR 10.03.2016)


Today on RBDR: Burshek Research & Consulting conducted an omnibus study for 5,000 college students that added RBDR’s question about collegians’ interests in market research careers. The study data was remarkably positive; the analysis of those results was less so. RBDR is sponsored by Nuance, offering multi-language verbatim coding services to quantify the meaning of […]

The 1 essential question for correct Election 2016 polling. (RBDR 09.09.2016)


Today on RBDR: What is wrong with polling? There are lots of theories after a plethora of messy polling projections from around the world in recent years. Now, The Hill has published a solution for the U.S. presidential election polling from PollyVote.com’s Andreas Graefe. He says accurate polling comes down to asking and collecting the […]

The ‘dark side’ of Fitbit. Survey expert challenged by Donald Trump. (RBDR 09.08.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) There is a “dark side” to Fitbit, according to women who religiously wear it. 2) The conclusions of a survey expert in consumer perceptions about advertising is contested by Donald Trump’s lawyers in one of the Trump University lawsuits. RBDR is sponsored by Decision Analyst, which is integrating analytics into its […]

Fitbit impacts women’s lifestyles. Resolve ‘Sales, Mktg conflict w/metrics? (RBDR 09.07.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) A study of Fitbit-wearing women reveals that these wearable fitness trackers are becoming ingrained in the lives of a huge percentage of those users. 2) Sales versus Marketing is an age-old corporate issue, however a new study provides important understanding on what pits the two groups against each other. A couple […]

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