Regarding New Top Executives at Nielsen, comScore

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December 4, 2018.

Today on RBDR: Advertisers and ad sellers hope new digital measurement-experienced executives in charge at comScore and Nielsen will lead to more customer-centric approaches in their traditional research operations. (Link to original blog:

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Time Warner: MR Unreliable for Our Streaming Services | RBDR

May 11, 2017. Today on RBDR:

1) The Time Warner CEO, Jeff Bewkes, states his lack of use and disbelief on heavy-duty research for the company’s new streaming services.

2) Greenberg Quinlan Rosner partners Anna Greenberg and Jeremy Rosner tell Business Insider that polling has and still works, although it needs to follow three elementary tenets to ensure that its work is done correctly.

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The changing future of panels. Microsoft Research streamlining goods and services. (RBDR 01.27.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The future of panels, as outlined and described by GMI Lightspeed SVP Frank Kelly, does not look like today’s options.

2) Microsoft tells its Microsoft Research division to funnel its outstanding R&D into faster-delivered commercial products and services.

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