Who is Bob Hoffman – And Why He Alleges An Ad Agency Conspiracy / RBDR

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September 24, 2019

Today’s RBDR: “Ad Contrarian” Blog author Bob Hoffman is “Chief Aggravation Officer” at Type A Group, also a former ad agency creative head and two-time CEO. He alleges some sort of advertising agency “conspiracy” in failing to uncover numerous online advertising scandals. (Link to blog: https://www.mumbrella.asia/2019/09/the-ad-industry-conspiracy-of-silence-on-digital-media-agencies-are-either-stupid-or-keeping-their-mouths-shut)

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Bob Hoffman on advertiser delusions. Facial/emotional recognition in video games. (RBDR 03.03.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) Advertising expert Bob Hoffman outlines three delusions that advertisers have that are holding the industry back.

2) Affectiva incorporates its facial coding and emotion detection technologies into video games.

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