The mystery of algorithms, except for data scientists. Nielsen phasing out TV paper diaries. (RBDR 09.19.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) None of us, aside from Data Scientists, understand the algorithms they use and which ones they use.

2) Nielsen announces that it will do away with TV paper diaries in 2017 and, for good, in 2018.

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“Likely Voters” stumped pollsters. Is PPM Nielsen’s OOH solution? (RBDR 11.10.2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) How U.S. pollsters may have so miscalculated the spread between winning and losing candidates last week. 2) Another 2014 election story is about the overabundance of digital data that candidates had in their election efforts–and how it went unused. 3) Nielsen may finally have a handle on OOH (out-of-home) viewing, using the Arbitron PPM system it acquired earlier this year.

Nielsen begin Arbitron layoffs; 2020 Research’s “Virtual (Facebook) Intercept;” researcher John Anderson dies (RBDR-11/18/2013)

Today: 1) Nielsen told analysts about $20 million synergies when it bought Arbitron. Now, it is laying off many of those employees. 2) 2020 Research’s new “Virtual Intercept” technology and program brings emphasis to video research, including the ability to interview a company’s Facebook friends. 3) John Anderson, for over three decades the MR Manager for BCBS of RI, died.

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comScore negotiating for Arbitron cross-platform assets, Digital Marketing is working/not working (P&G says “Aye,” Adobe survey disagrees), Odd MR News (RBDR–9/25/13)

Today on RBDR: 1) comScore is negotiating with Nielsen to buy Arbitron technology
cross-platform assets. 2) How well is digital marketing working? Depends who you ask. An Adobe survey says there is still a huge learning curve; P&G says it’s working so well that digital marketing has become mainstream marketing. 3) Odd MR stories: The Wall Street trader who repeatedly (even on Election Day), aggressively bet that Mitt Romney would be elected president, plus the Houston Astro’s unbelievably low TV ratings (they couldn’t get lower).

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IBM Customer Experience Lab rolls out impressive tools; Nielsen: FTC negotiations and its “Topten” intro; Judy Vogel: Gannett’s new VP-MR (RBDR–9/18/13)

1) IBM’s India-based Customer Experience Lab rolls out three new capabilities that impact social, mobile, Big Data & analytics.

Here is the link to this story for further info:

2) Nielsen is reportedly in discussions with the FTC about continuing to provide Arbitron software to interested parties after its proposed merger with the radio ratings giant.

3) Nielsen rolls out a “Topten” app for consumers, but receives criticism from privacy advocates because the new tool will be collecting data from consumers who use it and selling that info to customers.

4) Gannett hires a new VP MR and Mediatek brings on a new GM Corporate Marketing, who will also have complete control over corporate MR.

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