RBDR’s Annual Super Bowl Advertising Preview | RBDR

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February 1, 2018. Today on RBDR:

Our annual preview of upcoming advertisements on this Sunday’s Super Bowl LII, including what look like the most and least effective TV spots, along with other insights from this year’s panel of MR professionals: System1 Research President Alex Hunt, DialSmith CEO David Paull and Decision Analyst EVP Bonnie Janzen.

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Super Bowl LI Ad Preview With a Panel of MR Pros | RBDR

February 2, 2017. Today on RBDR:

Our annual preview of upcoming advertisements on this Sundays Super Bowl LI, including what look like the best and least effective TV spots.

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Mkting mix modeling needs new elements. Alex Hunt explains FeelMore50 learnings. (RBDR 01.14.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) AT&T Director, Market Research & Analysis Greg Pharo explains why marketing-mix modeling needs to incorporate new elements to optimize its output and results beyond sales.

2) The BrainJuicer FeelMore 50, in its third incarnation, has helped develop several new advertising learnings. Americas President Alex Hunt shared those with RBDR.

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Temkin Group says VOC gaining momentum with large companies; [x+1] report on tension between marketers & consumers; NGMR award winners (BrainJuicer & Insite Consulting) chat with Bob Lederer (RBDR–10/25/13)

Today: 1) A Temkin Group study on Voice of the Customer says for the third consecutive year large companies are overwhelmingly having a positive experience. (Download instructions for the study are on the video.) 2) An [X+1] study of tension between marketers and consumers shows that the latter really don’t like broadly targeting messaging, but at the same time consumers are not as averse to banner ads as many believe. (Download instructions are also in today’s video.) 3) Next Generation Market Research “Disruptive Innovation” award winners BrainJuicer and Insites Consulting spoke with Bob Lederer about U.S. and Europe research selling/servicing and short-term changes they expect in the MR industry.

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And now, Decision Analyst debuts Nuance, its multi-language verbatim coding service that helps companies qualify the meaning of open-ended answers.

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