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May 27, 2022

Today on RBDR: Google hosted its yearly marketing and advertising conference this week to make public how its advertising will work without cookies. We have a summary and invite you to read the complete report from Advertising Age reporter Garett Sloane:

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FB’s “emotion contagion” study; P&G mktg reset; AURA supplier honors (RBDR–7/02/2014)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Facebook has angered a substantial portion of its members after disclosing a 2012 “emotional contagion” experiment or study that manipulated news content in order to assess whether week-long positive or negative news feeds altered the mood of those receiving them. 2) Procter & Gamble changed its internal marketing structure beginning July 1, converting marketing personnel to brand or associate brand directors. 3) AURA honored various supply-side research agency at its annual conference in London last week.

RBDR’s tribute to Jack Honomichl, who died Sunday at 85 (RBDR–12/11/2013)

Today: We pay tribute to the late Jack Honomichl, who died at age 85 on Sunday. He promoted the interests of the market research industry and profession superbly for over 50 years, reminding businesses of its viability and bringing news about the industry through Advertising Age and in the market research industry’s successful publication, Inside Research.

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