The advertising fallout of Brexit. Industry Forecaster details. (RBDR 08.04.2016)

Today on RBDR:

1) The fallout, so far, on advertising and ad creatives from the UK’s Brexit vote.

2) Visible Measures’ new “Industry Forecaster” can view and predict video viewership trends for up to 28 days into the future.

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Bob Lederer Appears on BOSS Academy Radio

Today, RFL Communications producer and publisher Bob Lederer appeared on BOSS Academy Radio with Paul Kirch to talk about the latest trends and current state of the Market Research industry. Over the course of the 40-minute interview, Bob shares his perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing MR, while he and Paul also discussed mobile research, sampling, venture capital funding, consolidation and challenges facing the organizations supporting the research industry.

Listen as Bob shares his perspective based off of 22 years of experience in the research industry!

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For those of you who are subscribed to Research Business DAILY Report‘s email notifications, we have just sent out an email that invites you to participate in RBDR‘s 2015 Survey. The survey is designed to gather your opinions about how well RBDR is working for you, as well as featuring important questions that will help to shape the future of the award-winning research news video going forward.

Your feedback will help us improve RBDR as it did three years ago, when we conducted our first survey. Your input was invaluable back then, and we ask for you to please share your insights and opinions with us once again.

Not long after the final survey response is received, all respondents will receive an email that explains what you and your peers told us, and what we have done/will do in response.

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Bob Lederer
Editor and Publisher, RFL Communications, Inc.

The scary new robodialer replacement. Palantir Tech is 1 MR game-changing startup. (RBDR 11.11.2015)

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Today on RBDR:

1) As research continues to deal with new TCPA regulations, telemarketers are targeting people who slightly misdial “800” number calls, which sends them to automated surveys.

2) One research company, Palantir Technologies, makes its way onto CB Insights’ Top 55 Game-Changer Startups.

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Pharma Market Research Report Predictions Issue: Call for Input


It’s that time of year when we begin preparations for our Annual Year-End “Predictions” Issue of Pharma Market Research Report (PMR).

This special issue features insights from key influencers and innovators in the market research industry — like you — about significant changes that you think will emerge in the pharmaceutical, health care, biotech and medical device industries in the next year or two.

We are inviting you to participate by sharing your thoughts about what you think may be different over the next couple of years. Because we receive more submissions than space allows, our emphasis is on your most thought-provoking ideas.

When preparing your “prediction,” please be specific, direct and brief, and limit your comments to 120 words or less. And please: avoid being ‘salesy’.

Some people have asked that we print their submission anonymously. If you prefer to contribute to the issue in that fashion, please let us know and we will not include your name alongside your submission if it gets selected.

If you plan to participate, please RSVP your intention by no later than Friday, November 20.

All predictions (with by your preferred electronic “headshot” photo-jpeg, roughly 2″x 3″, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi) must arrive no later than Monday, November 30.

Please submit your ideas via email directly to RFL Editor and Publisher Bob Lederer by emailing

Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Bob Lederer
Editor and Publisher, RFL Communications, Inc.