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March 3, 2021

Today on RBDR: One of the research industry’s most recognized and respected executives, Cambiar Consulting Managing Partner Simon Chadwick, repeats on RBDR his published belief that the industry lacks widespread trust, and he explains why.

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2 thoughts on “The Research Industry’s Failure Of Trust / RBDR

  1. Lance Hoffman, Partner, Opinion Access: “I just watched Simon Chadwick. While I tend to agree with everything he said, it’s important to note that most of what he said specifically applies to online. While I know everything is all about online, there is a TON of work that is conducted, from Political and Healthcare Sat (both Private and Government sponsored) to Social Science research that counters a lot of what he spoke about. I guess what I find concerning is that the segment is presented as an “INDUSTRY” overview, when the specifics he cited were very much focussed on one Mode of Surveying and Sampling, which is totally fine, but it should be presented as such. There still exists a world outside of the inexpensive convenient research that is Online.”

  2. The problem is not Trust. The problem is that we cannot pick accurate random samples, clients won’t pay the cost of doing reliable research, many clients don’t want to know the truth, and aren’t reasonable in their time schedules and expectations. Moreover, the general public doesn’t like or want to do surveys anymore.. In fact, the MR and public opinion research business is in a shambles, which is why I left and now work for Home Depot.

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