Nielsen Changes Course, Embraces Advertising | RBDR

January 19, 2017. Today on RBDR: 1) Nielsen reverses its corporate course and launches an advertising campaign designed to explain its work and capabilities to marketers. 2) What is the value to service providers and service users of online ratings services? A Wharton School post-doctoral studying is studying that. RBDR is sponsored this week by […]

Improving Researchers’ Communication with Peers, Clients | RBDR

January 16th, 2016. Today on RBDR: Thoughts as we are underway in 2017 about improving researchers’ communications with their peers AND their clients. RBDR is sponsored this week by Toluna and its PanelPortal™ – engage like never before with a community like no other. Find a link to PanelPortal™ information by clicking here. No need […]

Rounding Up 2016’s Final Weeks in Research | RBDR

January 3rd, 2017. Today on RBDR, we feature a handful of news items that broke during the closing week of 2016: 1) The death of Louis Harris, one of the true research legends of the 20th century. 2) Polling questions persist: what percentage of Latinos voted for Clinton, versus Trump? Two studies show wide discrepancies. […]

How Big Data Can Change the Way Students Go to College | RBDR

December 1, 2016. Today on RBDR: 1) Big Data is being used by colleges and universities to better understand how prospective students might fit in their institutions, but Big Data can also simplify and strengthen high school students’ interest in and ability to discover where they should enroll to study their interests. 2) Online communities […]

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