How Big Data Can Change the Way Students Go to College | RBDR


December 1, 2016. Today on RBDR: 1) Big Data is being used by colleges and universities to better understand how prospective students might fit in their institutions, but Big Data can also simplify and strengthen high school students’ interest in and ability to discover where they should enroll to study their interests. 2) Online communities […]

Suggestions for Pollsters so that Trump-like Victory is Not a Surprise | RBDR


November 28th, 2016. Today on RBDR: 1) AOL announces to its employees that a corporate restructuring will make DATA one of the three corporate focuses. 2) Andrew Grenville of MARU/Matchbox makes the case that election pollsters should create an online community that it can return to over an extended period of a campaign. It can […]

Mobile devices dominate internet traffic. IBM Watson’s customer engagement aims. (RBDR 11.03.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) What Zenith media agency’s discovery about escalating dominance by mobile devices of Internet traffic means for the research field. 2) IBM’s Watson Virtual Agent launches as a tool for brands to boost their customer knowledge and then improve customer engagement. RBDR is sponsored this week by Toluna, “In Touch With People.” […]

Trump stiffs pollster. Mrktrs file suit on Facebook. Next Gen MR Award winners. (RBDR 11.02.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Surprise! Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has apparently stiffed his pollster, refusing to pay more than three-quarters of a million dollars. 2) Plus, three marketers file a class action lawsuit against Facebook for under-delivery of viewing time for their video advertisements. 3) Finally, we detail for you this year’s Next […]

2nd party research use is rising. How some MRX’ers look past SM and instead at AI (RBDR 11.01.2016)


Today on RBDR: 1) Research users are upping their interest in and use of second party research. They clearly believe it is very valuable. 2) Research users have a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence, many of them seeing it as more worthwhile than coveted social media research. RBDR is sponsored this week by Toluna, “In […]

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