Debate: Super Bowl ads are worse or better than the norm? Facebook to share TV-related data; Datasift will help WPP clients with social media information; Nielsen opens Super Bowl Advertising Hall of Fame; Most successful mergers stress improved customer satisfaction along with synergies; 28% of consumers disguise their online identity (RBDR–2/5/2014)

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Today: 1) Super Bowl advertising studies come to conflicting conclusions about the relative impact of these commercials versus others released during the year. 2) Datasift & WPP will work together to supply WPP clients with social media research insights; meanwhile, Facebook moves to make its TV-related comments available. 3) Companies that merge must emphasize customer satisfaction along with the synergistic efficiencies that are central to every deal. 4) Last week was Data Privacy Day; here are now statistics about what individuals actually do to protect their data privacy.