Why Schlesinger Group’s New Name Is SAGO / RBDR

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Today on RBDR: Reed Cundiff, who became Schlesinger Group’s new CEO last November spoke to RBDR about what is behind the decision to change the corporate name to SAGO.

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Microsoft’s Reed Cundiff reveals and explains the merger of Big Data & internal attitude/behavior data (RBDR–1/27/2014)

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Everyone in the MR industry is talking about Big Data, but where are the successful implementations occurring? At ESOMAR’s 2013 Annual Congress, Microsoft GM Reed Cundiff and InfoTools’ Patricio Pagani shared Microsoft’s step-by-step Big Data implementation. Cundiff spoke with RBDR about the process.

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RFL’s annual awards for 2013 Exec of Year, Speech of Year, Client MRer of Year, Vaughn Mordecai’s inspiring message (RBDR–12/19/2013)

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We close our coverage with Discovery Research Group President Vaughn Mordecai’s inspiring “2 Minutes With” commentary.

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