Burger King MR Lures Customers From McD’s Stores / RBDR

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January 10, 2019

Today on RBDR: Burger King applied “geo-conquesting” to target consumers around McDonald’s locations in a combined research and competitive intelligence project. It converted 20 times more consumer business than any prior BK app promotion.

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Can Pokémon Go be used in research? Zoe Dowling thinks so. (RBDR 08.25.2016)

Today on RBDR:

Pokémon Go is more than just the international gaming craze of 2016, it is a concept that businesses can use to drive traffic. FocusVision’s Zoe Dowling offered RBDR some implementable ideas for research using the craze.

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Denny’s MR figures out Millennials. Sticking point for dunnhumby buyers. (RBDR 9.16.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Burshek Research and Consulting explains research’s role in effecting a turnaround with Millennials and the nature market. 2) dunnhumby has been put up for sale by Tesco, but the giant UK supermarket chain is insisting as part of the deal that the new owner renegotiate terms with Tesco, provider of more than half of dunnhumby revenues, within 5 years.

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Watson Analytics could revolutionize. Scottish polling skittish (RBDR 9/18/2014)

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Today on RBDR:

1) IBM launched what it called its biggest analytics launch in a decade, Watson Analytics.
2) As Scottish voters went to the polls to vote on independence from England, pollsters are hoping to dodge a bullet as they face uncharacteristic uncertainty about their work. 3) McDonald’s is testing “build-your-own-burger” and paying special attention to data capture, providing consumers a tablet to order their burger, in the four test stores.

Xbox could collect personal data, be MR tool; CEOs prefer dashboards; McDonald’s helps create advertising analyzer (RBDR–10/9/13)

Today: 1) As Xbox One prepares for launch this holiday season, Microsoft makes indications that it may collect players’ personal data that can be used in market research. 2) CEOs describe how data presented to them is currently delivered and explain how they would like fast delivered to them. 3) Phoenix Marketing International collaborates with McDonald’s in creating a new advertising analysis dashboard.

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