SM marketing vs. traditional. Notable MR award winners. MRC issues SM guidelines. (RBDR 11.19.2015)

Today on RBDR:

1) New study with 511 marketers shows they believe social media is now more effective than many traditional norms of marketing.

2) Winners from research announced for Jay Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award, Golden Bridge Awards and Stevie Executive of the Year Awards.

3) Media Rating Council issues its Social Media Measurement Guideline V1.0.

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Jay Wilson, 77, is dead. Why SSI bought MROps. Advice for CMO: MR (RBDR 3.25.2015)

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Today on RBDR: 1) Jay Wilson, a powerful research executive and influence for decades in the research industry, died Sunday at 77. 2) Survey Sample President & CEO Chris Fanning explains why he bought MROps last week–and it isn’t for the reasons we thought. 3) Forrester Research VP Sheryl Pattek shares the general advice she gives her CMO clients: get and use outside research.